About us

De Knar Dairy

De Knar Dairy began in 2005 when the Verhoef family moved from Holland. The family of six with four children between the ages of four and eleven moved to Alberta with the intention of finding ‘greener pastures’ for a larger family-run dairy farm. The family had been running dairy farms for years in Holland, but sought new experiences and bigger dairy farming opportunities in Alberta.

De Knar Dairy cares for over 450 cows as well as many calves. Along with caring for their cows, the farm also grows barley, corn, alfalfa, and canola to grow their own feed for the cows. De Knar Dairy values more than producing dairy products, but producing smiles from those who visit their farm.

De Knar Dairy is partnered with Alberta Milk, a not-for-profit organization that advocates for Alberta dairy producers and works alongside the Canadian dairy industry. Alberta Milk supports the dairy industry through marketing, education, nutrition research, product transportation, and policy development and implementation. Alberta Milk is led by a board of directors and works closely with regional and national partners.