De Knar Dairy

Local Dairy Farm location in Red Deer County

De Knar Dairy is a large dairy farm located in Red Deer County, Alberta!

We care for over 450 dairy cows to provide high quality milk products for Albertans. We work closely with Alberta Milk to provide Albertan’s with milk they can trust. We value proper and effective care of our cows as well as producing smiles and joy with our dairy! 

Our cows are fed only quality feed that we grow ourselves, and we follow all Alberta requirements for dairy farming. We don’t use artificial growth hormones and we discard any milk produced by cows that are undergoing treatment for illness. When you are drinking a glass of De Knar Dairy milk, it’s milk you can trust!

At De Knar Dairy, we love our cows. That’s why you can count on us to take great care of our land, our feed, and our cows. Our cows are well looked after, which means their milk is the highest quality!